Student Robotics: Final Tests

As we will be leaving for England on Thursday morning, we are making our final tests! We have faced some problems with both the hardware and the code, but we are confident that everything will be fixed until our departure. Our main focus for our tests is of course our … Weiterlesen …

Student Robotics: Robot Tests

At the moment we are mainly executing bot tests and developing the related software, including the movement patterns within the arena, the enhanced orientation and the vision logic. Unfortunately, we can’t share much about the strategic portion of the code. However, we can proudly report that the bot drives quite … Weiterlesen …

Student Robotics: A driving bot?!

We actually fixed the problem and can confirm that our bot is driving (in every direction, if needed): Now we will be fully concentrating on testing, testing, and testing! (This blog post should have been online over a week ago. 🙂 ) (author: Yannick)

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