Summary 2016/2017

Team MAI consisted of 12 pupils and one blueshirt in 2016/2017. We split up into two separate teams to be able to join two competitions: Student Robotics and Schüler bauen Roboter. The Blues Bot was built in season 2016/2017.

Student Robotics

The game mode was called „Easy as ABC“. The Student Robotics committee lauded the concentrated efforts of our team on the online forum and on our website to help other competitors. We are especially proud of being able to solve the technical problems of the winners of the First Place. In the end we won the Online Presence Award.

Robot specifications:

  • Basic kit from Student Robotics
  • 2 motors with encoding
  • 2 omniwheels
  • 1 ultrasound sensor
  • 2 servo motors controlling the arms
  • lots of wood

Our main goal 2016/2017 was a stable and very robust code. The programmers worked day and night. We have published all our code and mathematical calculations from the beginning of team MAI. Thus it was only the next logical step to provide the other teams with tutorial videos. We examplarily picked the following ones. Take a look:

Explaining the positioning system…

… and the calculation of token and robot positions.

Team presentation:

The team chose a mining theme. We wore boiler suits and helmets. Our robot was equipped with a minecart. It carried several small tokens.

Schüler bauen Roboter

Schüler bauen Roboter took place for the first time. Team MAI was one of the contestants. Our robot impressed with an advanced line following mechanism. It had a sensor array and a sophisticated method to bridge a gap in the black line. We won the Third Place.

The team chose a Blues Brothers theme. As a consequence, our robot drove by order of the Lord… 😉

Other projects:

Team MAI built a robot in cooperation with the music department of our school. The theme was inspired by the Blues Brothers. It had its great performance during a concert at our school. Blues Bot danced to our big band performing the Peter Gunn Theme.

Music: Henry Mancini’s Peter Gunn theme. Arranged for Middle School Jazz Band.

Study trip to MicroNova:

We visited our patron MircroNova. We got informed about how they plan their projects and how their project management works. We are proud to say that our project management doesn’t differ too much from their management and we can say we’re quite happy with our time and project management.

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