didacta Stuttgart – A Travel Diary

Dear diary!

This Thursday, the 9th of march, the boys and girls from the robotic team took me out for a little trip to Stuttgart to visit the didacta fair! You can’t imagine how excited I was since I haven’t been to Stuttgart before and you don’t get to visit a big fair like the didacta everyday either.

I was a little nervous at first about how everything was going to work out and how I would be able to move around with my small legs in this big crowd of big people. But then a boy was so nice and offered to carry me in an outside pocket of his backpack. He even took a photo of it:

After a couple of hours of walking around and checking out the booths from all the big German educational publishing companies and some amazing startups and organizations, everyone started to get a little tense: It was only then, that the team told me that they were nominated for the Zukunftspreis by the Cornelsen Stiftung Lehren und Lernen! And it gets even better: We went to the award ceremony, and we learned only then that we actually made the first place: Everyone was so happy and honored!

They even took me on stage with them, but luckily, I didn’t get interviewed myself (I was way too nervous for that)!

Aside from a lot of appreciation, we won 5.000€, which is more money than I ever had in my own hands, though that doesn’t really mean a lot. We also got a nice little trophy (at least little for human standards, for me it was huge)!

They even let me hold it for a minute or two:

We met a lot of nice people there and the team told me, they were really happy about how much appreciation they received for their Project, the Mobiles Museum.

All in all, it was a very special day for me and the team, but now I am a little exhausted and I am really looking forward to my cozy blanket!

Goodbye for now,

James (the robotic team’s mascot, secret leader and overall most important member if you ask me)

(author: Yannick)

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