Summary 2013/2014

Founding year of MAI Robotics!

Two teams from our school participated in the Student Robotics competition. The game was called „Slots“. The „midwives“ of MAI Robotics competed as team MAI senior. The future team MAI robotics was called MAI junior.

MAI senior won the Committee Award for the smart solution to approach the problem. Take a look at their sophisticated robot at work! (on youtube)

MAI junior was middle ranked. Look at their work!

MAI Junior Testing; Music: Fade [NCS Release] by Alan Walker, NCS / NoCopyrightSounds

Other projects:

Junior team built a flying stone pig (fliegendes Steinschwein) that could evade obstacles and flap its wings. This was done in cooperation with the arts department of our school. A stone sculpture in our assembly hall was copied. „But why does it have wings?“ I can hear you say. Well…. The pig has to get up onto its pedestal somehow… 😉

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