About us

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We are the robotics club of Gymnasium Markt Indersdorf (GMI), a grammar school in the district of Dachau.

Map data from OpenStreetMap

The GMI was founded in 2001. There are about 1100 pupils attending our school. The GMI focuses on three directions of study: STEM (science, technology, engineering, mathematics), modern languages and arts.

Team MAI has been taking part in various competitions since 2012. The name MAI was given by Student Robotics, a robotics competition in Great Britain. It is an abbreviation of the location of our school. We redefined the meaning to our motto „Measure… Analyze… Improve!“.

We focus on contests demanding the development of technical solutions to a given problem. Furthermore we suppport the free exchange of information. That is the reason why we upload all of our source codes to our public repositories on GitLab. You are free to learn from our projects and we always appreciate tips and tricks to increase our knowledge.

By the way: We want to introduce you to James, our mascot:

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