Summary 2019/2020

Season 2019/2020: 21 pupils, 3 blueshirts, 4 main projects, enthusiastic commitment, a lot of work…. and then, there was Covid19! And the shutdown stopped our activities.

  • Schüler bauen Roboter: Postponed until further notice, then cancelled
  • Student Robotics: Physical competition postponed, then cancelled; switching to a virtual competition
  • Eurobot: German preliminary round postponed, then cancelled; participation of international competitors cancelled
  • Any other project: Stalled by the shutdown

But Team MAI doesn’t get down by these problems. 😎

We are proud that all teams kept on working and managed to build operational robots throughout the year:

We are proud to announce – that even in the notorious corona season – we were successful:

  • The only team with a working robot in Schüler bauen Roboter at the tech day
  • Participation in BundesUmweltWettbewerb
  • A fourth place in Eine Welt für alle

Thank you to all our parents, sisters and brothers, patrons and friends that supported us during that season! ♥♥♥

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