Sumo Robot Finals

The time has come, the school year and thus the season 2020/2021 is coming to an end. To end the last one and a half years on good terms a friendly match between surrounding institutions has been supervised by a jury from the TU Munich. Our team was one of … Weiterlesen …

Sumo Robot Building Progress

Team Sumo Robot already started to build the robot and below you can see pictures of the robot. We also are writing the code of the robot. We also have a electronic schematic. Take a look at the building process: (author: Lucian)

Sumo Robot Tactics

Our team figured out a plan how the sumo ot should drive. We explain: We start with looking to the north end of the arena. We start driving and after we touch the safe line, we turn over a random angle and start driving again. We repeat it again and … Weiterlesen …

Sumo Robot Update

We already have a plan how the sumo robot should look like in a 3D model. After this we have all the things that we need to build our robot, so that we can start. A plan how the robot should drive in the arena is finished. (author: Lucian)

Line following robot update

We have now improved our first drafts, and the components for the real robot are to be delivered. We have decided to put our two wheels into a central positon and the position of the ball casters is to be improved. Take a look: (author: Ludwig)

Further thoughts on our new sumo bot

Welcome back! After the award ceremony of the „Echt-Kuhl“ prize, which was beautifully organized despite the current Corona pandemic, we have now finished our final design. The bot will have a box with 3 ramps outside to better push the opponents away. It is expected to weigh 3 kg and … Weiterlesen …

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