Summary 2017/2018

Team MAI consisted of 22 pupils and one blueshirt in 2017/2018. We split up into three cooperating divisions to be able to join three competitions: Eurobot, Schüler bauen Roboter and Eine Welt für alle. Our mascot James joined us on all trips! 🙂 Altogether it was a very successful year: third rank in Eurobot Germany, first place in Schüler bauen Roboter and first place in Eine Welt für alle. We were awarded price for our commitment to our work on the robots. As additional project we built a useless box.

Competition: Eurobot

Team MAI joined the Eurobot competition for the first time. The game mode was called „Robot Cities – Build a better world“. We were the only german team consisting of pupils. All the other teams consisted of students coming from universities. We managed to be ranked third place in the german preliminary round. Thus we were allowed to compete in the Eurobot finals in La Roche-sur-Yon. Thinking of our newbie status, we are especially proud not to come out last of the competition.

Robot specifications:

As it was one of the requirements of the competition, we designed a poster to present our robot. Take a look:

The main parts of the robots were engineered to our special needs and 3d printed.

We published our code on GitHub. This was highly appreciated by the other german teams.

Team presentation:

The team chose a star wars theme. We wore jedi robes that had been sewn by one of our members. Our robots were painted beautifully by our artists in our team:

Competition: Schüler bauen Roboter

The competition

Schüler bauen Roboter took place for the second time. Team MAI was one of the contestants. We did a complete redevelopment of our robot. Driving wheels and sensor array are placed as close to the center of the robot as possible. Based on the experience from the first Schüler bauen Roboter competition we improved the line following mechanism. The method to bridge a gap in the black line was redesigned and adapted to the new hardware. A slope was included into the race track as a new barrier. We won the First Place.

The team chose a confectioner theme. As a consequence, team members wore adequate work clothes and our robot evolved into a tasty cake… 😉

Study trip to the institute of cognitive systems and presentation at the adveisor event

We won the first place in the competition. We were allowed to visit the TUM’s institute of cognitive systems. It was a great experience to be taught about current research in robotics. In the evening we presented our robot at the adveisor event.

Competition: Eine Welt für alle

Team MAI built an educational computer with an independent energy source. We were encouraged by notifications of UNICEF. We invited an expert for solar energy systems to our school to discuss problems and solutions building our computer. We talked our approach to solve the problem over with several people seeking political asylum in Germany. During these meetings we improved our approach and finally built the educational computer. We submitted our project to the competition Eine Welt für alle. We were awarded first place in category III.

Project: Useless Box

We built an arduino driven useless box. It was on display at our school festival. It is useless, but still great fun to use! 😎  Give it a try!

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