Summary 2022/2023

Team MAI consisted of 24 pupils and some blueshirts in 2022/2023. We split up into several cooperating divisions in order to be able to work not only on one robotics competitions. This season, we built one… two… three… four… five…. six robots!

In a nutshell: We had a lot of fun in 2022/2023.


We participated in Eurobot once again. It started with friendly matches in Aachen. After that thrilling event two rookie teams (nineth and tenth grade) of MAI decided to start building the eurobot robots for season 2022/2023. And they did it! Second place in the german preliminary round. And a well earned seventh place in the international finals, being the best german team! (Just remember: This is a competition for universities, not for schools. 😎 )

Take a look at one of our matches in France:

Video taken from official live stream; great work of planète sciences!

Schüler bauen Roboter

We participated in Schüler bauen Roboter once more. And we made it to first place once more. 🙂

Student Robotics

We made it to the United Kingdom and took part in the Student Robotics season 2022/2023. The team worked hard, had almost no sleep and earned a third rank in the finals!


Team MAI hosted a robotic competition on its own: The MAI Cup! We held a tech day in the middle of the season. Several teams participated in the final competition. A Team MAI built robot was able to win by points! We are proud of the performance of that team. But we are also proud of being able to support the robotics community by hosting a competition by ourselves. 😎


We were awarded for our Mobiles Museum once more! First place!

Put in a nutshell

It was another exciting and successful year:

  • hosting a competition: the MAI Cup
  • second place in the german Eurobot preliminary round
  • seventh place in the Eurobot finals (best german team)
  • first place in Schüler bauen Roboter
  • first place in the MAI Cup
  • first place in Zukunftspreis Competition

None of these achievements would have been possible without the ongoing support from families, friends and sponsors. Thank you very much!

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