Summary 2020/2021

Season 2020/2021: 23 pupils, a lot of enthusiasm… and Covid19 forcing us to distance learning. Again. But we didn’t pity ourselves. We kept on working. This was possible because of the video conference tools available to our school. We held our regular meetings, each and every friday, throughout the whole school year. 😎

We worked on several projects during that season:

In a nutshell: We had a lot of fun in 2020/2021.

Schüler bauen Roboter

In season 2019/2020, Schüler bauen Roboter was postponed until further notice. There were no finals in season 2019/2020. But we like the competition and it’s challenges a lot. Thus we decided to build two robots during season 2020/2021. Both were built by rookie teams that never developed a robot. Both teams consisting of pupils of age 13-15.

The first robot was another sumo bot. It was built according to the rules of season 2019/2020. The team was challenged to construct a better sumo bot than the one for the previous season. And they delivered! It was more compact; it had defensive shields on the sides; and most important: it had more power! Congratulations to the junior team for building such a great sumo bot!

On the left: sumo bot season 2019/2020; on the right: sumo bot season 2020/2021

Furthermore, due to Covid19, there were virtual finals in July 2021 for season 2019/2020. Every competitor showed its progress. And we were able to demonstrate not only one, but two working sumo bots fighting each other. As we were the only team able to display a working(!) robot at all, we were especially proud of our rookies!

The second robot was built according to the former line following rules of season 2017/2018. It was also built by a rookie team. And it performed competitive at the end of the school year.

Student Robotics

Student Robotics was carried out as a virtual competition once more. It was a great season: a lot of matches during the whole season, changing maps, changing objectives. „Radars of the lost Ark“ was a pleasing challenge during the lock downs due to Covid19.

Our team showed a better performance with each match. And slowly but steady, we made it through the league. And as they say: Slow and steady wins the race! :mrgreen: After 160 league matches being played, we managed to be on top of the league! It was because of our last league match that we made it to first place.


Eurobot announced rules quite similar to the ones of season 2019/2020. That was our chance to improve our robots – the kraken and its brother – as well as the lighthouse. Our team members put a lot of work into the robots. Seeing the improvements in your robots is always a pleasure. 🙂 We even managed to be allowed to join the finals in La Roche-sur-Yon in France!

the engine compartment of our big eurobot robot

Sadly, due to Covid19 restrictions, it was not possible for us to take part in the finals. We hope to meet the other teams again during the next season.

Additional Projects

Worth to be mentioned is especially one project: We put a lot of time and work into a project regarding the sustainable development goals. Respect to the team members! You showed a lot of commitment. The project is going to go public in season 2021/2022. Stay tuned! 😎

One project was awarded with a „Bayerischer Landespreis“ in the competition Europäischer Wettbewerb.

We enjoyed a lecture on project management and quality management. Thank you to our patron MicroNova for the insights into their working methods.

Finally we were awarded by the foundation Bildung und Wissenschaft for our ongoing commitment and our exceptional willingness to perform. Thank you very much!

Put in a nutshell

The only team with working robots for Schüler bauen Roboter, on top of the league of Student Robotics, successfully taking part on a state level in the Europäischer Wettbewerb and an unexpected award for our commitment. This sounds like another successful year… 😉

♥ Thank you to all of you that supported us during that season! ♥

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