Summary 2015/2016

Team MAI participated in the Student Robotics competition. The game was called „Sunny Side Up“. The team consisted of 12 pupils and one blueshirt. We set up our website at this time. We have been trying to publish updates regularly since then. Furthermore – as we had gathered experience – we split up the team in several departments: Building, coding, public relations, rookies, tutors. The Student Robotics committee lauded the overall performance of our team: technical approach, online presence, team spirit, team presentation. We won the Robot and Team Image Award.

Robot specifications:

  • Basic kit from Student Robotics
  • 4 motors with encoding
  • 4 omniwheels
  • 4 ultrasound sensors, one to each side of the robot
  • 6 servo motors controlling the arms
  • 1 servo motor controlling the camera
  • lots of wood

Our robot was capable of moving diagonally:

First movement

Turning the tokens was done in an elegant and efficient way:

Turning the token beautifully…

Team presentation:

The team presented itself in a mad scientist setup: 3 arms, biting bunnies, multiple heads, blood, cyborgs, bio hazard, …. Brains!…. you get it? 😉 The robot was upgraded with a brain on top of it.

Funnily enough: Team HRS chose a mad scientist theme, too. 😀

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