Summary 2021/2022

Team MAI consisted of 25 pupils and 6 blueshirts in 2021/2022. We split up into several cooperating divisions in order to be able to work not only on robotics competitions but also on a wide variety of topics : robotic competitions, a project about sustainable development, hosting a competition on our own… even building a little satellite!

In a nutshell: We had a lot of fun in 2021/2022.


We participated in Eurobot once again. Almost all members had no experience in Eurobot so far. Thus we focused on the small bot to learn and train the basics of this competition.

Sadly there was no german preliminary competition. But we were one of the few german teams with a working robot prior to the finals in France! This enabled us to gain permission to participate in the finals in France. 🙂 Due to the short lead time, it was unfortunately not possible for us to participate there. 🙁

At the friendly matches in autumn we proudly reached third place. We were the only team with two homologated robots and successfully proved our competitiveness. Take a look:

Eine Welt für alle

We worked for more than two years on a project dealing with sustainable development. The jury was so impressed with our work and perseverance that we were awarded third place in the competition.


It was the first time ever that we participated in the CanSat competition. It was a lot of hard work. It was a lot of scientific work. It was a lot of trial and error until our cansat finally survived the drop tests. It was even more work until it performed its secondary mission. But all of this hard work was worth it: We were awarded third place! In the autumn there was a great trip to Bremen as reward for the hard work.


The CanSat competition was not the only premiere in season 2021/2022. Team MAI hosted a robotic competition on its own: The MAI Cup! We held a tech day in the middle of the season. Several teams participated in the final competition. Team MAI senior was able to win by points! We are proud of the performance of that team. But we are also proud of being able to support the robotics community by hosting a competition by ourselves. 😎

Put in a nutshell

It was another exciting and successful year:

  • hosting a competition: the MAI Cup
  • third place in the german Eurobot
  • third place in the german CanSat
  • third place in alle für Eine Welt für alle
  • first place in the MAI Cup

None of these achievements would have been possible without the ongoing support from families, friends and sponsors. Thank you very much!

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