Schüler bauen Roboter 2018/2019 – a new design and a new plan

This week we worked on our design of the “Schüler bauen Roboter” robot.

Our new plan for the interim meeting on 24 January 2019 is to go with a completely functional but not so well-designed robot in order to have more time to design and develop the final robot. We decided to do this, because our 3D-design needs a lot of time and the delivering of the building parts takes some time.

Additionally, for the final robot, we want to use TCRT5000 reflection sensor and use infrared LEDs to confuse the opponents’ sensors. We also tested following reflection sensors: QTR-1RC, TCRT5000, GP2Y0D815Z0F, KY-022, GP2Y0A51SK0F, GP2Y0A41SK0F and the GP2Y0A02YK0F.

A look at the almost finished design:

Happy holidays and a happy new year!

(author: Daniel)

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