CanSat: Kick-Off Event

On wednesday, the 8th of November, the kick-off with the other CanSat teams and CanSat’s contact persons took place. All ten teams introduced themselves and their secondary missions with or without a PowerPoint – presentation. Of course, we introduced James as our unofficial fifth team member in our presentation. Each team also presented three statements, two of which were true and one of which was a lie, and the other students could vote in a poll on what they thought was untrue.

  • James is based on a real dog.
  • Lili’s cat Charlie, who you can see in the picture below, is 21 years old.
  • Emilie has already travelled to 15 different countries.

Most of the students believed that Charlie is not 21, but the first statement is actually untrue! 🙂

Finally, there was a Kahoot quiz with questions about satellites, but also things like the permitted weight of our CanSat (340 to 350 g). Nina was the best of the four of us and even customized her avatar to look like James.

(author: Neele)

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