CanSat: First Prototypes and Drafts

To achieve our plan of an upright landing of the CanSat, we are already working diligently on construction ideas. Our first prototype involved testing the concept of an elongated cavity in the middle of the four legs in which a drill (or something similar) can be placed, so that minimal space is required.

As a material, we are currently contemplating using lightweight yet sturdy metals such as aluminium.

After some consideration we developed a different leg concept, which should fit tightly against the can, forming the space-saving outer shell. As soon as they fold out, we have aluminium legs that absorb the impact through shock absorbers in the form of springs.

But we noticed quickly that if the CanSat landed in an undesired position, such as on its side, the legs would be insufficient in preventing a fall.

Therefore, we will revise our previous ideas regarding the landing system and present new and more functional approaches soon.

(author: Neele)

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