Student Robotics: Throwback Thursday – Themes

If you know Team MAI, then you know our love for themes at robotic competitions. 🙂 Take a look at a selection of our former costumes…

2014/2015: We were monks with glowing auras. And although there was no collusion, team HRS appeared in a similar theme.

Glowing in the dark
Confrontation with team HRS

2015/2016: There were some really mad scientiest in our team. Funnily enough Team HRS had a similar theme.

Having fun in Newbury 2
German efficiency – because three hands type faster than two

2016/2017: We were mining for gold! And tokens! Sadly we have no picture available of our team in boiler suits and helmets. Maybe you have one?

2018/2019: We had self made, hand painted (!) shirts with our logo for the whole team.

Special thanks to Anni for our handmade shirts

2022/2023: We don’t want to give too much away, but it will be …. spectacular! You will all remember it for a long time! 😎

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