Schüler bauen Roboter: Starting our Work on Sumo

We are the team for “Schüler bauen Roboter” 2022/23 this year consisting of Bin, Leon H., Leon G., Umer and Julia. This is our first competition together as a team so we are all very excited!

Our goal for this competition is to build a bot that can push other bots out of an 2 meter in diameter circle. So to summarize the progress of the last two weeks (Sorry for not updating the first 2 weeks!):

  • We made a 3D model for our bot (Picture 1+2),
  • wrote a circuit diagram (Picture 3),
  • bought the needed materials to build our bot,
  • and thought of a concept how the bot should drive for maximum efficiency (Picture 4).

    Now we have the plan to build our robot in the next two weeks and start coding in the last week before the winter holidays and through it. We will keep you updated!

    (author: Bin)

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