How SAM is built up

The picture shows the open casing of SAM in which a few cables and sensors can be seen. It was taken right in the middle of assembling it as there’s tools surrounding the workspace.

SAM is made out of a base surrounded by a wooden casing. It was designed by one of our team members and decorated with the MAI logo by another. The base itself consists of the built-in sensors, an Arduino Uno and the radio module (NRF24L01) for communication and it is … Weiterlesen …

Student Robotics kickstart event

This week we took a look at the environment of our programs we will use for modelling our robot and writing our code. On 26 October, the kick-start event of student Robotics 2020 started. The event gave us near information about the competition in England. Unfortunately the official rules aren’t … Weiterlesen …

Eurobot rules finalized

This week the final rules got published which made us very happy. Now we can devote ourselves to fine-tuning the design. So, our smaller bot now definitely has its wheels in the middle of its side. We also calculated the pressure that will weigh on the ball casters. Furthermore we … Weiterlesen …

Team Munich going live

Hi. Team Munich is still waiting for the release of our problem. This week we divided our group into different teams, which, for now, are going to figure out some ideas. (author: Leo)

weekly status update

We had our third meeting. We talked about SAM. It is the fourth project that i couldn’t tell you about in my last post. A geography teacher helped us and gave us some great input. (author: Bastian)

weekly status update

We had two meetings. The groups for Great Britain (Student Robotics), France (Eurobot) and Munich (Schüler bauen Roboter) had been built up. I don’t know the name of the last group. It is some strange abbreviation. (author: Bastian)

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