Eurobot 2017/2018 – Beacon System

We made several test runs with a self-made beacon system. The system is based on ultrasound and radio frequency. It would involve 3 towers for trilateration and a receiver on top of our robot. First test results seem to be very promising.

Projekt Lerncomputer – information exchange with an expert

An expert for solar energy visited us today. He gave a lecture about the possible components of solar powered and portable equipment. He introduced us into the project „Solarkoffer“ of the Bundesministerium für wirtschaftliche Zusammenarbeit und Entwicklung. We were really proud as he complimented us on our cost-efficient approach. 🙂

Schüler bauen Roboter 2017/2018 #4

Last week we have had a meeting with the TUM. Everything went pretty well. The robot accomplished the main aim: following the line. The next goal is to identify a wall in front of him. (author: Christopher)

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