MAI Cup Junior: Switching to the New Robot Case

Now for the last two weeks we all had holidays, but also lots to do because of our deadline today. So, one of our main advances was our new case of the bot. We now have 5 extra centimeters to house our parts and cables which we really needed. Now we also have a emergency-stop-button which really works great.

We also finished todos like checking the duct tape, which didn’t work as expected. Our members also finished our logo, the motto and a story about our mission. We now also finally have a well made poster where all our information is on. Also, a big problem was the power source. We planned to only use a 9V battery, but now we had problems with it, so we had to temporarily use my power bank to get the bot running. We also didn’t get the hall sensor and the LED working, but everything else looks really good.

(author: Emanuel)

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