CanSat: Back At Home

Our CanSat started successfully and we got our satellite back. It didn´t break due to the fall! Hooray! 😎 We could not see any external damage except for one point on the closure, wich is not a big problem. Take a look: (author: Sophie)

CanSat: Launch Event

We were able to finish our CanSat and send it to the launch team in Bremen. We also presented our finished satellite to the other teams and listened to their presentations via a video conference. Our satellite was also launched with a rocket: we were able to follow this via … Weiterlesen …

MAI Cup Junior: New Battery

This week we again tried to connect the port expander, but it didn’t work as expected. We’ll try solving this problem next week. But we successfully connected our 9V battery to the DC-DC, so we can now use one battery instead of two. This also allows us to easily connect … Weiterlesen …

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