CanSat: Working on the Interim Report

The first interim report has to be submitted soon, so we are working at full speed. Team meetings are held every week to bring everyone up to date. This week we finished the interim report: we calculated and elaborated all the information for it. We also estimated the amount of … Weiterlesen …

MAI Cup Junior: More Ideas Incoming

We have made very big progress this week in comparison to the last few weeks. We have thought of a ball emptying system that empties the balls from the roboter into the finish zone, a wheel that collects the balls and a first programm idea. (author: Maxi)

MAI Cup Junior: Ideas Flowing

We have many new ideas. Our first idea is to not collect all the balls but drive without them. We have almost all the necessary tools so we can plan our work. We‘re trying to work fine together. We decided to try designing with them because we wanted to try … Weiterlesen …

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