CanSat: Working on the Interim Report

The first interim report has to be submitted soon, so we are working at full speed. Team meetings are held every week to bring everyone up to date. This week we finished the interim report: we calculated and elaborated all the information for it. We also estimated the amount of data and redesigned the CanSat.

Here is a brief description: Our Lepton 3.5 camera is located at the bottom of the CanSat. We have arranged the two batteries in such a way that they also count as shielding at the same time. Above we have designed holes so that we can connect a carabiner to the parachute there. The plan is for the cover to be removable so that we can easily access all interfaces.

The report needs to be revised again and then we can send it off. During the holidays we want to start building the satellite and to start the tests that we have already planned.

Nonetheless, we continue to have a lot of fun working and researching together and are happy about every little progress.

We present further parts of our 3D model soon. Stay tuned!

(author: Catrina, Sophie)

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