Sustainable Development: Cruise Ships – No, Thank You!

While having another talk with the MPZ soon, we have also developed some new things:

We’ve developed another game, this time about the different animals in the ocean (of course referring to SDG 14 “Life below water”).

We have drawn a beautiful picture of some underwater animals and if you click on them, you get the name and some information about these animals! But there’s also a cruise ship in the picture (in the top left corner), which is of course bad for not only climate change, but also for the underwater animals. It produces a lot of sulfur dioxide and nitrogen dioxide which are water pollutants and hazardous materials, but science is trying to find better solutions. But even with better fuel, if you don’t have to, you shouldn’t go anywhere by ship, or by plane for that matter. That is on one the key messages of the game!

(author: Yannick)

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