Student Robotics – first technical design

Finally the time has come, on 26th October we were able to see Student Robotics 2020. Sadly we couldn’t visit the Kickstart – we watched instead the live stream together. On the following days we shared our impression and our ideas how we can realize this task. In the end we had a final idea and our hardware team started to develop a first technical drawing. After a while we improved our model and now we have a first proposal for the technical design to discuss. Our model contains two arms that collect and hold the cubes in order not to lose them on the way back to the scoring zone. Take a look:

Our tactic is to collect the golden cubes, fix them on our robot with the arms and drive back to the scoring zone.

We post more pictures of this preliminary design soon. Stay tuned!

We also started learning Python to be able to move our robot and accomplish the task. Now we are waiting for the kit, so we can start to build a “testbot”.

(author: Antoni)

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