SR 2018/2019 – The Competition

On our first day we arrived at London Gatwick and took a National Express bus to Southampton. As we checked into our Hotel and headed out looking for some food. After having lunch at a furniture shop of our choice, the assembly process of our bot started.

On the next day we got up early and took a bus to the arena. The start of Tinker time was a horror for us. The bot didn´t start at first, but then everything worked out for us. We finished third in the league. In the knock out we lost in the semifinals by millimeters. But we weren’t devastated at all, we were happy about our performance. Take a look (on YouTube)!

All of this wouldn´t have been possible without the great organization of the Student Robotics Team. They did a great job of organizing the whole event and building a great arena and making the whole stage look like one of a big sporting event. It gave us an incredible feeling and made these days unforgettable. We hope they will do the event next year and for the years to come.

Special thanks to Anni for our handmade shirts

(author: Christopher)

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