Grand Challenges Annual Meeting 2018 – Day 2

Dear Diary,

After a short night and a giant breakfast, it was time for more adventures in Berlin. First, we checked out the “spy museum” where we learned not only about my favorite spy James Bond (I love his name) but also about the spies in important countries during World War 2 and other eras in time. My brothers and sisters had to complete a quiz there which even was encoded.

After lunch we were ready to visit the German Bundestag. That’s where the German House of Representatives has its meetings. We learned a lot during that visit. For example how the voting system works or why the eagle in the buildings turns its head to the right.

After that, we were all excited for the highlight of our trip. BILL GATES. We were invited by Dr. Gerd Müller, the Minister for economical development and cooperation. The two had an interview about “Grand Challenges” including health-, educational- and supply problems in poor countries. We all learned much, and it was great to see what a great personality such as Bill Gates thinks about these problems and what he wants to do against them.

After the dinner at an Indian restaurant with a very funny waiter we were happy to go to bed after a long day with lots of excitement.

Bye bye, James.

(author: Tobias)

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