Grand Challenges Annual Meeting 2018 – Day 3

Dear Diary,

It was a short night for me and my robotics group. Today was the day where we got to meet Dr. Müller. The first stop was a balcony on the highest floor of the ministry building. Our guide showed us around and told us something about Berlin’s history. We were able to see where the Berlin wall was located. Some of my brothers had to present our computer which we built. Sadly Dr. Müller had a meeting and was not able to listen to the presentation. After that we listened to a woman who told us something about the harvest and production of cocoa. It was very interesting to see what percentage of money goes to the farmers etc. We were lucky and Dr. Müller was able to say “Hello” and talk to us about our project afterwards.

To get to know Berlin we had a tour through the city. To learn more, we had to do a quiz and find answers to the questions we were given. Thankfully I was carried by one of my brothers. I can not run very well with my tiny feet.

It was a rough day for all of us, but we had very much fun although our feet hurt.

Bye bye, James.

(author: Tobias)

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