Grand Challenges Annual Meeting 2018 – Day 1

Dear Diary,

I had to get up very early today because it was time for me and my robotics-group to travel to Berlin. It was a long but funny journey in one of the fastest trains in Germany. My brothers and sisters were listening to music and playing games. I even got to watch them. After we finally arrived in Berlin, we had no clue where to go. Berlin central station is such a big train station and you can easily get lost. I thankfully was secured. A nice lady from an organization that organized our trip was waiting for us and we hurried to the hotel. We still wanted to do something on out first day in Berlin.

Our first stop after the hotel was the “DDR-museum” in which we got to experience the life of people in the eastern part of Germany. It was very interesting even though I did not understand everything.

We were in the museum quite a while and it was time for us to go to a restaurant to eat something. We got to choose from different meals including pasta and pizza and after a long meal and a long day everyone was tired and ready for bed. On our way back to the hotel we enjoyed the festival of light.

Bye bye, James.

(author: Tobias)

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