Week #7.1 – Team England

Were finally getting started on some of our tests and have already found a ton of mistakes we made in programming. One of our methods is called debugging() and we have begun testing it in this video. Take a look: (author: Thorben)

Week #5.1 – Team England

Proudly announcing we finished our complete code.  It’s now uploaded on github. Second announcing for this weekend:We now own a twitter accounthttps://twitter.com/TeamMAI_Sr[Update 2018/05/25] https://twitter.com/MAI_Robotics [/Update] Follow us to stay informed about everything new ?

Week #4.1 – Team Munich

This week we decided how our bot should look like and thought about its functions. As we don’t quite know how our competition route is built, we are still curious about how our main goal will be reached. At last we (Team Munich) came up with the basic strategy last … Weiterlesen …

Week #3.1 – Team Munich

Our main team for the competition by the TUM, went to the kickstart for “Schüler bauen Roboter“ . First we got to know the other teams after that we got to know the gamemode: line-following ?  We also got our robot kit with some parts for example the “Arduino Uno“, … Weiterlesen …

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