Week #12.2 – Team England

This week we did some work on building our robot. Seeing as coding has been completed, we can focus all our efforts on finishing the robots hardware, so we can start the testing everything together soon. We were also going to release a video on how our robot calculates its … Weiterlesen …

Week #12.1

Last Thursday we visited our patron MircroNova. We got informed about how they plan their projects and how their project management works. We are proud to say that our project management doesn’t differ too much from their management and we can say we’re quite happy with our time and project … Weiterlesen …

Week #11.1 – Team Munich

Today Team Munich was at the middle meet-up from „Schüler bauen Roboter“ and due to that building and coding started the days before. Information about the meet-up are posted in the next days.Photos will be added (author: Rhea)

Week #10.1 – Team England

After some trial and error, we have now got our stepper motors to work properly with the student robotics kit. Even if we fried two motor-boards in the process, the end result is well worth it. Take a look: (author: Thorben)

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