Week #18.2

New information came up showing new shocking issues with the prototype and the safety arrangements

According to sources, who want to remain unnamed, the scientists have not planned the amount of power supplies right. Because of this it could be possible that there will be a security breakdown at the lab in about 51 days. People living in a radius of 200 miles around the as „Area GMI“ known high risk biomechanics lab are asked to leave their houses and not to come back until october 2017. This is not the first problem that is related to the team working at this lab. A week ago we already informed about scientists not respecting any kind of lab safety. This is a good example for what happens if a government gets too much liberty in their plans and only focuses on weapon and not caring about their people.

The weapon for which research funds are wasted in this lab, is an extremely dangerous biomechanical predator with tentacles and everything one can imagine. Although it will be a life-threatening monster in his final stadium, it has yet to struggle with heavy short-sightedness. Up to this day he only recognizes his prey only if it is right in front of his eyes and can not find his way back home if he does not have a wall to lead him. But against all hopes of anti-war activists the scientists plan to fix this with biomechanical tools.

(author: Michael)

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