Competition Day #1.9

Midnight-coding time!We have been working all evening on everything ranging from code to costumes, and are eventually even making progress as well! In a more serious approach, we think we did not actually do to bad in yesterdays matches and are even better prepared for today.

Competition Day #1.6

As our next match is starting in more then 30 minutes, we would like to use this brief intermission to make a shout-out to our competitors at HRS who decided to also go with the ‚mad scientist‘ theme. Good choice of clothing! 😉

Competition Day #1.5

After an unexpected collision in the last match, we are trying to get back on our feet. Our coders are approaching the next round with a different method, let’s see if this does the trick. Also, our webadmin (me) was still not able to upload pictures via WordPress due to … Weiterlesen …

Competition Day #1.4

Those of you actively watching the competition might have noticed that we did not quite reach the level of improvement we have been hoping for.. Well the coders just figured out that there was a problem with the export of the IDE. As we have fixed this issue now, expect … Weiterlesen …

Competition Day #1.3

Success! Well.. Kinda..We just had our first actual match and although we did not exactly go out as the clear winners, we were in good shape. So now we can work on our code to manover more precisely and hopefully win the next round.

Competition Day #1.2

We have ran through our first tinkering-time and our drive does not look too bad actually.Of course we snaped some pictures yesterday and this morning (videos as well), but our network circumstances did not allow us to upload them to this point. We hope that we will get the chance … Weiterlesen …

Competition Day #1.1

Here we go!The competition started officially now and we are already working on basicly everything. Not without minor issues of course, but luckily, here at Student Robotics we are helping each other out. In this regard, we would like to shout out a big thank you to both team CBG … Weiterlesen …

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