Week #17.3

Only 943 tests later we finally got the test subject to slow down before stopping full. We also got it to only walk slowly if it doesn’t want to walk more than 1000000000nm.

Also our scientists have finished painting their lab coats……..
The only problem is they are STILL NOT WEARING THEM!!!

(author: Thorben)

8 Gedanken zu „Week #17.3“

  1. It looks like your team consists of highly professional scientists. I hope your security personnel isn’t as underexposed as your experienced researchers! ?

    Keep up the great work!

  2. Hi guys, we (team Systemetric) just realised our theme is very similar to yours, is there any way we could talk to you to clarify what it is you’re doing so it’s not too similar? Thanks!

    • Hi Systemetric, funny how we had a similar theme last year as well. Ok soo, we have white scientist suits that can already partially be seen in our videos. They have a bio hazard sign on the back and some sort of individual thing to it. Those include a second head, a third arm, a killer bunny and cyborg outfit. Some of us also have a medical bag and are supposed to be the only ones who are not infected. Soo yea, how dose your design look?

      • We were going for a 60s sci-fi scientist look which will probably be somewhat close to your uninfected? We were planning on being in either lab coats or the all over white suits (I think quite like yours) and silver mirrored visors with a printed circuit board robot (if it gets finished…).

        I get the idea that we’re going for a more techno look and you a more bio-hazard type thing so I think it’ll be ok. We wanted to talk to you about it so we didn’t just turn up the same as last year. I was wondering if you might consider doing a (planned this time) big group thing?

          • Yeah I hope so, it could be really cool! I don’t understand how the themes could have been so similar by coincidence for two years running (and it honestly is coincidence (and us forgetting to look at other teams before deciding on our theme…)) Sounds as though the themes shouldn’t be as close this year but some sort of group thing could work really nicely, completely up to you guys though!

          • What did you have in mind? I think the team would love doing a sort of group thing, but the question is „What real group thing could we do?“. We could have a unified story or something, but i don’t really think there a lot of stuff that one can do as a group. So if you have an idea we would love to co lab.

          • A joint story would be cool, however I understand it may be a bit late, we could be trying to research your cyborg or something like that?

            Also it would be great if we could do another big photoshoot like we did last year? The team really enjoyed it and it was a fun thing to do in our free time.

            Another idea is that we were wondering about leaving things around the venue like we did last year (the Illuminati triangles) so that when people find them we give them chocolate or similar. We were wondering about doing tesla coils and it would be cool if you wanted to join in on that? You could maybe do biohazard symbols or we could find something thatwould work for both of us!

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