Week #8.1

So we’ve been looking around on the pages of the co-competitors and noticed especially Team QMC took on some of our ideas like using the Omniwheels perpendicularly. We really appreciate that the sharing of ideas is working so well.

Also I think their suction cups and their turning mechanism seem very well constructed. If it works as I imagine, I would really like to see this in action at the competition.

Edit: Team QMC let us know that they did not copy our ideas, but had them themselves. I think it’s nice to see other teams having the same ideas as us and both teams are looking forward to compare their bots in a match. Aside from that, I would like to see more teams participating in sharing their ideas, as Student Robotics is not only a competition but rather a place to meet similar-minded people helping each other out, having fun and building robots.

(author: Leo)

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  1. Hey, it’s nice to know that you’re liking our ideas for cube maneuvering, we should be posting some videos of it in action after Christmas.

    Sorry to disappoint but we haven’t stolen your idea, we haven’t even looked at the competition until now. It’s going to be interesting to see how your robot compares to ours with the same movement system. And I really like the wooden box you have, looks like a very good structure!

    Can’t wait to face you in the competition!

    Team QMC


    • Then I apologize for claiming this.

      Still it’s nice to see other teams having the same ideas as we do, and we too are looking forward to face you in the competition.

      – Leo, Team MAI


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