Week #13.3

We finally published two Videos on our YouTube channel. The first one is an old one from two years ago. You can watch it here: The second one is from today. Take a look! WE CAN MOVE NOW! WATCH OUT WE ARE COMING! (author: Leo)

Week #13.2

We finally collected our code stubs into one file and updated our code on GitHub. We also implemented the first part of our turn token method. (author: Leo)

Week #13.1

As usual, we had our weekly team-meeting on friday where we had some deeper thoughts about how we are actually going to rotate the flags in order to get them in the right position. For that matter, we adapted a system which some of you probably have some experience with: … Weiterlesen …

Week #12.1

IT’S ALIVE! (it’s pretty ugly) … BUT IT’S ALIIIVE!! Over the past few weeks we’ve been busy working on the robot and its hardware. We have done all the wood chopping and all the cable management and are finally (almost) done – Take a look at it: The wiring looks … Weiterlesen …

Week #11.2

This week so far, we wrote some more lines of code and nearly finished the hardware setup of the bot. Also our outer presentation/image team started to develop our costumes and robot design. (author: Michael)

Week #11.1

In the past week we thought that we had a hardware problem, because of which we could not test our code. Turns out, the problem was that we did not write the code within the IDE, but in an external programm and therefore forgot to export the code via the … Weiterlesen …

Week #10.2

Amongst our usual tasks about which we (usually) always keep you up to date, we also worked on something you may or may not remember us for from last year. It is all about the looks. So we have been discussing several ideas for our appearance at the competition. Our … Weiterlesen …

Week #10.1

So over the holidays we did some more coding. We have implemented a state machine which we will use to execute our strategy step by step. We also began to write our drive methods and are almost done with turn. (author: Leo)

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