Week #21.1 – Team England

In the  last video it might have seemed like our code was working perfectly, but even the mighty TEAM MAI  can sometimes make some mistakes. Take a look: (author: Thorben)

Week #20.2 – Team England

For last two years Team Systemetric and  Team MAI  (we) have had some rather similar costumes. It would be really funny if the same were the case this year. We are really looking forward to meeting some cool  teams at the competition. Until then: „Glück auf“! (author: Thorben)

Week #20.1 – Team England

This week we got a lot done! We switched over from two omniwheels to one swiveling wheel at the back to reduce friction. We got our servos to finally turn 180° by using our Arduino instead of the SR-Servoboard. We did some touch-ups to the bots inertia (some of which … Weiterlesen …

Week #19.1 – Team England

WE’RE FINALLY TESTING!!! While our code was already finished before Christmas we have had some hiccups with our hardware. Trying our best to get stepper motors to work, switching to dc motors when realizing that steppers weren’t strong enough, wasting a lot of time trying to get our robot to … Weiterlesen …

Week #18.1 – Team England

Before our holidays we had some problems with our Ruggeduino, we thought it might be broken, so we decided to switch over to an arduino.  Big thanks to Rich and Peter from the blue shirts to helping us with our arduino. Hopefully we can start testing the entire robot this … Weiterlesen …

Week #15.1 – Team England

Following our first video, we just released another video explaining parts of our code. This video focused on how we calculate the position of other tokens and robots in the arena. Take a look: (author: Thorben)

Week #12.2 – Team England

This week we did some work on building our robot. Seeing as coding has been completed, we can focus all our efforts on finishing the robots hardware, so we can start the testing everything together soon. We were also going to release a video on how our robot calculates its … Weiterlesen …

Week #12.1

Last Thursday we visited our patron MircroNova. We got informed about how they plan their projects and how their project management works. We are proud to say that our project management doesn’t differ too much from their management and we can say we’re quite happy with our time and project … Weiterlesen …

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