Competition Day #1.7

Last Match went really well. We did only get 3 points, but we almost secured a coconut and came ever so close to winning 6 points. We recorded everything in FPV, so take a look: (author: Hennis)

Competition Day #1.6

After the next two matches we now have 41 points putting us in 9th place. We won the last match against Systemetric, proving once and for all that not even a portalgun can stop us ;-). As we now have put our final design piece on our robot someone might … Weiterlesen …

Competition Day #1.5

In the last two matches we improved a whole lot and we finally scored three points in our last match. That means we were tied in the first place together with another team. We currently have 27 points in the league and will continue our way to the top. (author: … Weiterlesen …

Competition Day #1.4

In one of the last matches two of the other teams showed that Student Robotics can turn into BattleBots really quick. Our last match was a little success for us as our robot powered up, started to drive, collected a token and almost succeded to bring an A-Token into our … Weiterlesen …

Competition Day #1.2

Our first round wasn’t as good as we thought. We weren’t able to get any token. We think, we had problems with vision and we hope we can fix this until our next match. (author: Hennis)

Competition Day #1.1

During Tinker-Time we tested our special tactic but it didn’t work out quiet as we wanted it to. We also noticed that the tokens in the arena have sharper edges, which creates high friction and messes up our tactic. (author: Hennis)

Competition Day #0.1

Having started from Munich Airport we arrived at 2:00 pm on London Heathrow Airport. We had a short and very pleasant flight. Having rented a car and checked in at the hotel, we decided to get some groceries. After an early dinner we are now reassembling our bot for tomorrow. … Weiterlesen …

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