Solarmobil: The Evolution of our Solarmobil Prototype

We’ve already made some exciting progress in the development of our Solarmobil prototype. Here is an overview of the milestones we have reached so far:

1. Concept development and strategizing: we’ve been thinking hard about how to quickly and effectively change the direction of our Solarmobil to optimize both performance and maneuverability. There are two different options available for this at the moment.

2. Creation of a circuit diagram: In order to manage the complexity of our project and ensure that all components work together smoothly, we have created a detailed wiring diagram. This serves as a blueprint for the electrical and mechanical systems of our Solarmobil.

3. Building the prototype: Based on our designs and plans, we built a first prototype of our Solarmobil. This prototype serves as the basis for further testing and optimization. We are looking for ways to improve the prototype, as it does not quite meet our expectations.

4. Continuous improvement of the prototype: To maximize the performance and reliability of our Solarmobil, we are working tirelessly to further optimize the prototype. Currently, we are focusing on modeling and casting the wheels to adapt them to the specific requirements of our design. These modifications should not only improve performance, but also increase the efficiency and stability of our vehicle. Another focus of our work is to increase the efficiency of our solar panels. Although they already provide energy, we are convinced that we can get even more out of them. Through various optimization measures, we strive to maximize the performance of our solar panels and increase the speed of our Solarmobil.

(author. Catrina)

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