CanSat: First Drop Test

As announced in the last blog post, we have carried out a drop test for our CanSat to test its stability and the functionality of the parachute.

As you can see from the pictures below, the outer shell only suffered a dent. However, our interior, which we had only filled with coins as weights, broke. For this reason, the inner construction will be reworked, in order to protect our hardware properly, but we are still proud that the outer shell survived the fall from a height of approx. 8-10 metres at an assumed fall speed of 4 to 6.6 m/s mostly unscathed. However, the parachute did not provide a softer landing, so it needs to be redesigned for the higher fall speeds of 11 or 15 m/s during the competition. We plan to revise the 3D-model in the next days so that we can test new prototypes soon. Until then, take a look at our progress so far, we did regular blog post. 😎

(author: Neele)

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