Solarmobil: Lightweight Progress in Solar Mobile Design

In the world of solar mobile competitions, the ultralight class B stands for innovation and progress. This class is the epitome of lightness and efficiency. 

1. Lightweight approach: Ultralight Class B focuses on developing vehicles that are extremely lightweight yet robust and efficient. Every component is carefully optimised to minimise weight without compromising on stability and safety. This lightweight approach enables the vehicles to run with minimal energy and reach maximum speeds.

2. Aerodynamic design: In this class, aerodynamics is the key to success. The vehicles are designed to minimise drag and achieve optimal aerodynamics. Every curve, every line and every detail is carefully planned to reduce drag and maximise efficiency.

3. Use of state-of-the-art materials: In order to further reduce the weight of the vehicles, state-of-the-art materials are used in the ultra-light class B. From carbon fibre to aluminium and high-tech plastics – each material is tested for its lightweight construction and performance to achieve the best results.

4. Focus on sustainability: Despite their light weight, the vehicles in the ultra-light class B are also pioneers in terms of sustainability.

(author: Catrina)

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