Student Robotics: Hardware and 3D Model Progress

We have upgraded our 3d-model and have also had some more thoughts on how we want our bot to look like.

We want our robot to be made of two floors with the first floor containing our motors, our motor controllers, etc. and the second floor containing all the rest. Of course, we will also have a roof for our camera and the flag. One problem we might have to deal with is fitting four motors and the wheels into the first floor, so we might have to put our wheels outside. We are working on figuring out the exact measurements for everything there and then deciding where we put our wheels. We designed a model for both versions.

But of course, this didn’t stop us from making some first attempts in the hardware department. We have designed and built a wooden board with first measurements of the different parts of our robot already drawn onto it.

(author: Yannick)

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