Student Robotics: The Kit Arrived!

We are happy to announce, that the kit finally arrived here in Germany! That means that the real work can start from now on: making detailed sketches, inspecting the components and of course building the robot! We are really hyped about this! The next weeks are going to be very exciting!

Since we are now able to divide our work into hardware (now that we have it) and software, we will split this up as following: Raphi, our team leader, will be focusing on building the robot, whereas Gerry and Michi will do the programming. I will mainly be doing the online presence, but I am also planning to do some hardware and maybe even a little software stuff.

Another thing that we only just realized is that the challenges award has in fact an edible prize: that means that we will be doubling our efforts in this regard! 😉

(author: Yannick)

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