MAI Cup Junior: Many Problems Solved

In the holydays we finally wired up our new rechargeable battery, which now works really well. We also worked on our idea about the line following mode, so we can concentrate on it if it’s necessary. This code snippet also works really well, so we had extra time to set up a nice hole for our LED which looks really good. Now that we’re so far, we had time to test everything, but sadly our infrared sensor didn’t work like expected anymore, but we planned to fix the issue in the next week. We also tested the ultrasonic sensors and the magnet sensor, and both work surprisingly well! We now can detect magnets, have a working LED, are able to follow the line very well (if we’ve fixed the issue) and will be able to detect the finish-zone. The only thing that’s left to do is to find an idea on how to press the light switch at the end of the maze, where we have no clue about how to do it.

(author: Emanuel)

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