MAI Cup Junior: Still Working on the Port Expander

This week we measured the power the bot needs all-in-all. Sadly, this doesn’t even give us any kind of information because the motors take more power, for example, in the moment they start. Also we didn’t find any information about our motor types so we can’t look up how much power they take if they reach climax. We also started organizing our fuse, so we can get them from Julius, a nice helper in our project, in the holidays. Again, we tried getting the port expander to work, but we weren’t as successful as we hoped. We tried two versions of the code with different libraries, but the same problem appeared: The LED didn’t want to glow like we wanted it to. But there also are some good news: We’re really making progress in modeling the new case, which we’re planning to get in the first week of the holidays. Our team leader, Christoph, also created two really good presentations, which we’ll use for showing everyone what we’ve done in the last 20 weeks or so.

(author: Emanuel)

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