CanSat: Testing, Building and Sponsoring

In the last two weeks we started programming, CanSat 3D printing, test programs and image recognition software. We are currently working on the necessary test programs for the individual components of the satellite and the image recognition software. We have also adjusted the schedule. The construction and programming phase has been extended so that the new end date is monday (24.01.2022). For this we started the test phase earlier on 02.01.2022. At the moment we start with the component test.

We are currently printing the first part of our CanSat with the 3D printer. During the Christmas holidays we were able to approach our first sponsors and have already selected other companies to ask them to sponsor our project. We have done and learned a lot in the last few weeks and hope that we can learn and do just as much in the next few weeks.

(author: Catrina, Sophie)

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