Sustainable Development – Make Human Settlements Sustainable

This week so much great news went around the world. A big topic in those discussions is the Paris
Agreement. And as you know we work on a project dealing with the 17 Sustainable Development
Goals of the United Nations which include one goal of creating strongly planned cities and
communities (SDG 11).
We started this week off by thinking about ways how to explain this goal to people who have never
heard of it before. That was not always easy, but we made our way through this jungle of mazy
In the end, we decided to go with one idea that promises fun: we want to prepare step-by-step
guidance on how to build a beehouse with things everybody has at home or can easily find in nature.
The collected ideas are going to be implemented by this weekend if they (hopefully) work out fine.

We also finished SDG number 13 which deals with climate action and was our topic for the past

(author: Alex, Leonie, Lydia)

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