SAM – reviewing SAM

Last Friday we hosted the chairman of the local association for environmental protection (Bund Naturschutz) in our school. We told him about the creative process involved in building the SAM, from the first drafts and prototypes up until its state as of now. Unfortunately, we could not provide him with an accurate demonstration of what SAM can do in practice as the built-in Arduino spontaneously malfunctioned and is now in need of replacement. Nevertheless, we could show him the display and tips as well as the solar panel. We then discussed some issues that stop us from progressing further at the moment. The main problem right now is our lack of experience regarding what our measurements are good for. He provided us with information about where we might get standardized data from to compare with ours.

Presentation of SAM to the Bund Naturschutz Markt Indersdorf

All in all, the day was highly informative and educational and we are very glad of having had the opportunity to present our project. Thank you to the chairman of the Bund Naturschutz Markt Indersdorf for his time and ongoing support!

(author: Mattis)

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