Eurobot – on track

Are we on the right track? Can we make it simpler? These are just examples of important questions we repetitively ask ourselves by turning plans to reality. To get answers we compare our progress to our goals, after every step we did. And we adapt the manufactured to what we … Weiterlesen …

Student Robotics – robot arm

As we told you some time ago: We are building with tools that have more power! 😉 This week we upgraded our robot with an arm. With this function we are now able to collect the necessary cubes to win this competition. Furthermore we decided to code with Arduino because … Weiterlesen …

SAM – impressions from Finland

Just to show you some impressions of SAM and its journey to Finland: SAM was tested in several locations. And we learned a lot from that trip to Finland. For example: Do you know that solar panels aren’t the greatest idea during a long polar night? 😉

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