Schüler bauen Roboter 2017/2018 – Competition Day

Yesterday there was the competition at the Technical University of Munich. Our contestants were amongst others Team GObot, Team FOS and Team Boss. First we were introduced to the jury and the conditions for winning the competition, then the teams were given about 20 minutes to optimize the robot for the last time. Our robot had some issues concerning turning left and right after evading the obstacle due to some adhesive labels on the race track.

After a short break the competition started. We were the first to compete and present the robot. Unfortunately, our robot didn’t pass the ramp and needed some help. Still everything else went smoothly. The obstacle avoidance worked very well, too.

The other competitors had inspiring approaches, for example:

  • a way to trim their sensors to the black line depending on the incidence of light;
  • the try to build the ultimate low cost robot;

After the competition we were given a short break again for the jury to decide which team was the best. Then we had the presentation ceremony where our team was awarded first place! Hooray! 🙂 This means we will get the chance to present our robot to a large audience at the TUM on 11th June 2018. 😎

Competition Day; „Night Owl“ by Broke For Free, CC By 3.0

We thank the TUM for organizing this competition and providing us with assistance, the other teams for a fair challenge and the MicroNova company for sponsoring us.

We are looking forward to competing again next year!

(author: Isabella)

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